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The enterprise is on guard employee finds new job the risk is needed against a r
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About the enterprise how the problem that tarry talent and employee find new job to bring a risk to the enterprise is one of things that have a headache what at present Chinese enterprise needs to face most, the metropolis when chat with amateur of friend of person of the same trade every time so or attending relevant forum discusses similar topic, but of most friend refer is a talent after finding new job, adopt a few be on guard measure, these measure can reduce employee to find new job on degree quite generation risk, be similar to case of mend the fold after a sheep is lost however, attribute fire fighting action, contain serious lag sex, can form a vicious circle that cannot solve forever so.
Sail when historical wheel 21 centuries when, the mankind greeted intellectual economy times, as it happens at this moment the change that China also produced world-shaking, producing change to market economic system by planned economy system with cannot countering the tendency that turn.

At this late hour, market economy position of China also gets international upside divides a country admit, below such big setting, the talent is gotten eventually at liberating, suddenly change one's identity also became the capital that can flow, turned a whole world into the resource that can share, it promoted social development greatly, because the talent already made the core competition ability of the enterprise, and it is to decide the enterprise promotes declining main factor, far-sighted entrepreneur reachs consensus already. But bring another difficult problem to the enterprise again, the talent that business education comes out does not stay, find new job for them even however the risk of a generation pays heavy price. Then, the boss of civilian look forward to of young promising should be successful originally horse's hoof disease when, however a white hair of 2 full heads, pardonable the boss that acquires hair store laughs at narrow one's eyes eye, look becoming a boss also is not an easy thing.

Oneself with respect to the friend often the content of delibrate is done induce simply, offer a few the individual's opinion and experience at the same time, discuss reference further with offerring everybody to make. The enterprise is considering tarry talent and precautionary talent to find new job the risk of generation when, seek an account from oneself above all, improve inside level of management, make fit the environment of good obtain employment that different talented person develops, the system of drive of firewood fulfil performance that includes to have competitive advantage, groom program of career of profession of development system, employee. In the meantime, had done the following respect government:

The first, intellectual sediment tube manages

Core employee manages hard, main reason is its have strong point of natural resources of a technology, client or government, and be among the group these resource are to master exclusively in his hand, once he leaves his post to be able to take away these valuable resource, next allowing that after coming, must begin to be made from the beginning again, management cannot coherent carry out, create the situation that the disorder on management can'ts bear, company core knowledge cannot form systematic precipitation to come down.
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