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The first talent of Chinese net
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In the times of this ten thousand changes in the twinkling of an eye, science and technology grows at a tremendous pace, market economy is Protean, knowledge replaces rate rapid, the talent's demand also is changed ceaselessly subsequently. Because intellectual depreciation is accelerated, got the talented person of old technique, be not updated as a result of knowledge and be a talent no longer, old experience meets what change because of the occurrence of new technology do not know how to start, the dominant position in feeling oneself are working is weaker and weaker already, oneself value gets be reflectinged adequately smaller and smaller also, and the growth as the age, often individual advantage in a twinkle goes namely, rise from now on opportunity not answer existence. Discover spellbound to oneself future bewilderment, do not know to will come what course to follow? Then, confused not choose road, without giving thought to in front it is bright still be fire, thinking by accident is bright, tantivy and go, the result desertions easily oneself only competition advantage, nearly lost former position, enter duty field wrong road by accident.

Grand power professional adviser case 1: Lv Meng cheats the environmental protection major that the university learns, after graduation also speak or sing alternately finds corresponding job. After can working, did not like this, dry do not have interest more and more. Often want to escape in the heart this job. The opportunity came eventually, she found new job to be made to a medium-sized company civil member, but style of writing is not her special skill, civil member the job desultorily, do not have a few days to feel do not have much big meaning, want to become manpower resource again, but had not groomed already,do not have working experience again, looked for a few, do not have even interview opportunity, what Lv cheats Meng Zhen is very spellbound: I hope to be able to grow quickly, what kind of channel should choose?

Grand power professional adviser comments on: Fundamental theory of 4 years learns the university, it is the base that one individual future profession expands, to the duty field, undergraduate that is without experience is being entered first, also be an only a brick picked up to knock on the door and thrown away when it has served its purpose-a stepping-stone to success, desertion easily oneself major, cross another trade, oneself are a high school is born, devoid major setting and groom normally, it is a weak sports is mixed for certain be short of owe. Without any advantages character, more do not talk to go up competition ability. Accordingly, the undergraduate applies for a job, choose the job that oneself like as far as possible inside his professional domain, otherwise, it is ego devalue. If once had changed his profession, should choose as soon as possible with be engaged in the major related the profession, fill rapidly make up a missed lesson, fill charge, in order to promote oneself professional skill, increase duty field competition ability.
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