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The culture confluence of sale personnel and management are hired outside
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Staff is hired outside personnel and branch are being sent outside reasonable stimulative headquarters the mutual confluence of these two kinds of culture, will reduce by the conflict of two kinds of culture generation effectively inside bad news.

In current sale job, as the extend and works to terminal sale attention of sale business, a lot of enterprises built branch of the sale outside be stationed in inside countrywide limits, commonner no more than is center of a few branches, sale or agency. In every case is stationed in outside sale branch, the composition of its personnel framework often is accredit a few to hold crucial position first from company headquarters, relatively " core " leader, and for cost of managing manpower resource, other a few " brim post " often arise in local invite applications for a job by these leaders. Formed two kinds then hard shirt-sleeve culture: One kind is headquarters of the employee outside be stationed in " standard culture " , another kind is sale staff hires outside the branch " work culture " . Accordingly, how reasonable the mutual confluence that promotes these two kinds of culture, reduce by the conflict of two kinds of culture generation effectively inside bad news, had become the issue that the enterprise pays close attention to generally.
5 when two kinds of culture conflict basically are behaved

The author ever served as headquarters respectively " organizing employee " and " the employee outside making up " be in Guangdong early or late the sale branch job of company of two whole nations' well-known large home appliance crosses suitable mind, not only the clear distinction on the pay of firewood fulfil welfare that experienced two kinds of afore-mentioned identities are brought personally, and if day colour makes up,the angle flank that is based on market research understood, , the other industry such as line of business of beverage, liquor, shoe is in branch place the working status of the salesperson of invite applications for a job. Through observe and be being compared, the author made the contrast of a few following respects, analyse further from this " standard culture " and " work culture " conflict germ:

The company culture that 1 groomed systematization brings agrees with the distinction of the respect

Generally speaking, company headquarters is stationed in what the salesperson outside often passed a system to groom, show the self-identity of great rate to the company culture of the company consequently. On this, the staff with smaller length of service is more complete to the self-identity of the company. If be to just joined in this year's university of the company is graduate, often pass systematic brainwashing, have finally " it is the home with the company " high sense of responsibility and master consciousness. Under photograph comparing, the understanding respect that is in pair of companies from the sale personnel of branch place invite applications for a job shows more one-sided sexes, before they come to a company macroscopical to the understanding of the company stays morely in what come from social side comprehensive information, and to the company specific run criterion not very know clearly, then such " become a monk late in life " , if encounter what the target feels poor,often be mere " will make a few money " , the target feels even if strong, also be to want to be in merely commonly earn money while can learn to nod ability of thing, point of growth to wait. Delicacy has pair of companies that kind of clinging master consciousness.
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