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The person that fits most is the most useful
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To the enterprise character, the most outstanding talent is not an enterprise certainly need most and the most useful to the enterprise. Face cost and the double test that grow, how to choose the world person of outstanding ability to be used for my place, become bosses a lasting difficult problem in the heart.

After chatting with many bosses, we discover not hard at present with respect to the enterprise in most those who make them nerve-racking is problem of choose and employ persons, basically be the problem of use talent. A lot of enterprises always seek the senior talented person of and so on of doctor, Master on the quantity now, actually, as professional qualified personnel, having a few doctors, Master is should, but manage a talented person to managing a person to just be mixed, may not of tall record of formal schooling is essential condition. What you need is not certain be best show, but should suit you most.

Before one is fried pretty is badly socially, the student unlike that says Beijing University, Tsinghua is good in that way before applied for a job, this is very actually normal. What the enterprise goes after is cost the smallest and gain is the biggest, the student of the Beijing University that recruit, Tsinghua often compares cost of the someone else that recruit tall, the enterprise decides through balance need not very normal also.

Be known according to me, mcdonald's is very actual on use talent, seek the rightest person only. So, what talent is the most appropriate?

I think above all should from bearing, namely what we say normally " heart " go up measure. Bearing is in any moment are very important, the administrative person with ability that serves as an enterprise and professional are more such.

I had contacted the boss of many enterprises, discover they have a common characteristic, it is its oneself have idea very much, but in actual in their a lot of idea did not get be carried out effectively and be fulfillinged, actually the reason depends on them lacking a subordinate that can understand him intention truly, this is me want to say at 2 o'clock, the rightest talented person should have very good perception, should can undertake communication with the boss on very big level. What act as because of the boss is the part of strategist, a lot of specific issues need subordinate to carry out fulfil, if executant cannot understand the boss' intention well, need boss exhorts repeatedly, then this boss can be become too tiredly.

The 3rd, go up in value orientaton and agreeing basically is the important level that selects a talented person. Often hear culture of company of respecting of employer of a few industries, be not the consequence of the system as a kind actually, the core of company culture is the problem of value orientaton. If value orientaton of the talent cannot maintain cardinal principle to agree with the enterprise, his ability also does not have a law again by force to use him.
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