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Monthly pay of mechanic of Xiamen blue collar drives an undergraduate students t
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■ first are commercialized groom with labour butt joint with the enterprise meeting yesterday is held, mechanic of many 8000 blue collar is booked on the spot

■ analysis of the personage inside course of study, in the near future, the skilled worker that has gotten education of good and medium profession may compare an undergraduate to be very popular

Yesterday morning, city works and social security bureau holds first to commercialize in labour force edifice groom meet with labour butt joint with the enterprise, nearly 1000 enterprises that be in short supply for mechanic and are anxious settled a pressing need. Groom in this “ on supermarket ” , unit of many 200 choose and employ persons and groom the orgnaization signs cooperative agreement, share mechanic of many 8000 blue collar by on the spot “ books ” .

Deputy mayor Xie Chonggeng attended a butt joint to meet, praise this is the mode of a kind of innovation that solves an enterprise to be short of labour to lack technical type of work especially. He says, through labor safeguard branch builds platform, groom orgnaization and ” of experienced booth of “ of vocational school spot, the student that can make foster not only and market are tight butt joint, raise the level that the profession teachs, and the enterprise can groom in this “ the technical type of work that chooses to accord with demand on supermarket ” , lay in the technical qualified personnel of good high quality.

Blue collar mechanic makes “ sweet bun”

Those who attend to was met to receiving yesterday is mutual many 60 groom orgnaization, include provincial the school of technology of a few professions of the vestibule school of each district city and Xiamen and groom orgnaization. Among them, two city of Fuzhou and Longyan came to 9 technical schools each.

High vestibule school laid in Xiamen this the graduate that 400 much famous generals graduated in June this year, involve mechanical, electron, electrician kind wait for major. One morning ceaselessly all sorts of enterprises come to ” of VIP of vestibule school “ , the vestibule school controller that have too many visitors or business to deal with tells a reporter, vestibule school signed book of the collaboration that use worker worker with 10 enterprises last year, the student of a lot of major still is in the classroom when attending class, had been booked by the enterprise, if the enterprise is contacted later do not order graduate possibly.

The enterprise stares at accurate mechanic frequency to order

In joining the company that the butt joint meets yesterday, have 200 much property field and groom orgnaization or professional ability school signed cooperative intent, mechanic of many 8000 blue collar is booked by the enterprise on the spot, basically involve electric welding, electron to assemble, the manufacturing industry industry such as dynamoelectric needle car and the industry of service line of business such as the member that receive silver, assistant, among them enterprise most gay is electronic ship-fitter, the electronic ship-fitter that was booked by the spot yesterday has 2000 much people.
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