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How to have government of invite applications for a job
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Expand as the development of the enterprise, the employee dimensions of the enterprise also expands subsequently. Continuous need is compensatory " nutrition " , namely the employee with new invite applications for a job. Below how new employee of invite applications for a job, undertake management of invite applications for a job makes one simple introduction.

One, as harmonious as branch of resource of company labor power, in order to understand manpower supply and demand, make program of good invite applications for a job.

Want to act on the principle that accords with working need, wait according to the long-term goal of the enterprise, dimensions will be chosen certainly hire what kind of talented person. A lot of enterprises because not from long-term program proceed with, when slump, personnel is overmuch, the enterprise bears heavy burden; And when economy booms, enrol the talent that is less than an enterprise to be badly in need of again, block up the company grows.

2, the help wanted with clever design, in order to attract applicant.

If advertisement content, design can try to be unique, can attract more help wanted. Company of company of service of number one of for example United States Nuo is south development the help wanted when California market, inscribing a head is " invite applications for a job: Manpower " , the both sides that inscribe a head is company demand: "Be full of love; Be happy to help a person; The job is assiduous; Have the mind that respect property. " before advertisement drew about 1500 people, this is applied for toward the company.

3, single out experienced employee to regard invite applications for a job as personnel from inside the company.

Below the arrangement that is in charge of in invite applications for a job, these people go what recruit place needs separately again all sorts of talents. These are full of the company employee of working experience, can run to what applicant introduces a company, the success that oneself are experienced in the job in the company and gains, can achieve very good result, with incentive applicant.

4, draft standard of invite applications for a job -- brand allows intelligence quotient and condition.

Certain intelligence quotient is to do good job and the premise that communicate effectively, can determine through the method such as intellective exam, exam. Determine affection business is to understand the stability of applicant mood, this also is successful, the requirement of effective job, can wait to test, interview through the gender determine. In addition, know moral record of applicant even, in order to be on guard Yu Weiran, invite applications for a job person can pass a case imitate or part to enact a law, let applicant be personally on the scene, with observing its morality feels how.

5, the management after invite applications for a job ends.

Director or company staff should give those doing not have to be answered by the applicant of employ a phone, take out time to go to a company applying for to them thanks, can make they will become the customer of the company henceforth so.
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