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The trend of invite applications for a job with new company is looked into
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As the development of the times, company invite applications for a job no longer constrained at fixed principle and mode. According to diverse market demand, not different dimensions, congenial company had new explanatory note to staff invite applications for a job. Better to be enrolled employee, expand for the development of better stimulative business, all sorts of methods are applied by agile ground, a lot of new concepts appear ceaselessly, be in especially economic globalization trend period of economy of increasingly apparent, knowledge is forthcoming today, trends of a few new invite applications for a job are compelling.

Take integrated ability of applicant seriously
Not only hint is in invite applications for a job for working station fill vacant, it pays close attention to more attract those to suit enterprise and the people that have certain and special skill and knowledge most on bearing, interest and preference. When having invite applications for a job, perhaps applicant works on present working station is not very outstanding, but the other knowledge technical ability that he has may be pair of enterprises development is very helpful henceforth. The record of formal schooling that shows on an applicant resume is not as outstanding as someone else, but the extraordinary creativity that he comes out in the expression in the test and positive working attitude may be more significant to the enterprise. The company nowadays' agile and changeful feature asks to have the stuff of a variety of ability. The constant change of commercial demand also asks big company prepares different personnel configuration to deal with these demand change. The sort of stuff that has proficiency in a particular line only merely cannot have fitted the rapid development of contemporary company. The development direction invite applications for a job that is happy to did not come according to the enterprise when invite applications for a job of manpower resource department has long-term development to go simple stuff, and confine plans at current manpower natural resources and do not work demand.

Take working experience of applicant seriously
arisen recently system of a kind of invite applications for a job that is a foundation in order to act. This kind of system is built on a basic hypothesis, namely the portraiture that the past of a person is future, the history often can repeat. Although this kind of hypothesis is gutty those who plant is unreasonable, but the importance that emphasized acting in the past actually. And the action was mirrorred on applicant's body this kind past is working experience. The stuff that the enterprise believes to had been behaved in the past also can create good performance certainly in the job henceforth; And unqualified to working those past employee, its will be behaved henceforth make a person suspect very. Be based on this hypothesis, whole invite applications for a job and choose process can increase the letter of process of invite applications for a job to spend this one viewpoint to spread out around the accurate data that gets past act. The key of this kind of method depends on obtaining the past success or the behaviour that cause failure measure applicant as the standard. Accordingly, the information that gathers experience of applicant past work appears particularly important. This kind of method is different from the specific knowledge that asks according to a profession personnel place is necessary in working analysis, skill and character to describe the job, those who replace is the actor bad of specific action, namely performance. Behavior of past of the person that this one performance can be hired as correspondence undertakes detected dimension is spent. The advantage of this kind of system is apparent:
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