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The value of the invite applications for a job on the net
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A of personnel of invite applications for a job main goal exhausts may little cost finds competent applicant namely. For this, more and more companies are using the resource on the net. Expect next year, on the net self introduction or the number that find job will break up one time. If you are to be in technical domain to apply for a job or it is to think in you the company seeks a technical position, you use Internet with respect to need, and Lian Fei technical position also is being gone to now this way develops.

2/3 is thought by the company of investigation, internet perhaps says compared with great majority everything is available method of invite applications for a job comes, cost - benefit comparing is more economical. Use Internet time the company with longer or more position of invite applications for a job, also be than other company to the evaluation of Internet tall. Human affairs manager discovers, they can contact more people, the range of the choice is bigger also, they can aim at the talent kind that they need, they can contact the talented person that technical setting understands the computer, convenient, response mixes the invite applications for a job on the net turnover is rapid, it is easy to use, and be economical.

On the net invite applications for a job also can have insufficient place. Return at present for example very " of the person that discover inactive to apply for a job of so called " hard, point to those to find job not actively on the net namely, but of the vacant or certain type to specific company vacant interested person. Want the person that find such be recruited, the company should establish his network address. We return a proposal, people should log onto the position of their demand on the network address of themselves or commercial network address, such person that they can know to come from source of every electron news to have how many be recruited apply for every position.

Some companies are afraid, a large number of resume can resemble the afflux like tidewater, and the time of resume of their check and approve is limited. If the company does not have in-house mechanism to handle these resume and application matters concerned, be recruited person increase to be able to become an issue really. Tell further, the company should use them to make the same score daily expense to handle those who come from newspaper advertising application to already had a mechanism.

Personnel of human affairs full-time returns discovery, fictitious invite applications for a job of so called " person " is the key that solves a problem, this is resume of a memory and the automatic system that file a material, it is OK and efficient the online resource that processing comes from Internet and World-Wide-Web. Have a variety of dogging system, especially special at handling the system of a large number of applicant, can turn the data that comes from resume into the database that weaves by applicant, its organize means special facilitating invite applications for a job person inquiry.
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