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Building school-enterprise cooperation center set up logistics companies will
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One side is continuously train and provide logistics personnel universities, while it is the lack of complex enterprise shouted the logistics personnel. In order to eliminate the gap between supply and demand sides, yesterday led the municipal Bureau of Education, the main contractor of Logistics Association of the "school-enterprise cooperation in the logistics service centers" set up, the center brings together 13 universities and 31 enterprises to better develop "marketable LO "talent. "We demand for logistics talent gap is obvious." Xiamen Hongxin Li Zhen, general manager of logistics that are not only to master modern logistics knowledge, but also understands marketing, but also possesses the compound sense of customer service personnel, is the Xiamen Logistics enterprises, particularly the shortage. From Xiamen University in recent years, out of more than 6,000 logistics related personnel. "School-enterprise cooperation part of the Centre, which is to the companies 'take orders', universities are based on the needs of enterprises, a direction to train personnel." Logistics Association executive vice president of Xiamen City, Yang Ming-yan said that the current personnel training in Xiamen University on the logistics there is fault with the needs of enterprise level, forcing companies to spend a lot of manpower and time to train employees. The logistics personnel to make the "maturity" as short as possible, the best way is to stage as much as possible the students deep into the first line of logistics, such as trade and business enterprises, freight forwarders, customs brokers, distribution centers. It is understood that, although in the past, there are many universities to interact with the logistics industry, but are the "go it alone" school-enterprise cooperation and the establishment of the center, schools and enterprises will "love" has a better platform. Yang Ming Yan said, "Logistics Service Center school-enterprise cooperation," the next step will optimize use of existing teaching resources, Xiamen University, carried out jointly with the business school, for professional, curriculum reform, textbook development, educational programs and training base construction and management , training model and target of such matters.