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Job Fair in Chengdu schools need to introduce students ask first housing job
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This morning, the introduction of Chengdu Bureau of Personnel will be held in short supply much-needed recruitment, Chengdu, 640 key enterprises and institutions to bring jobs to the Tsinghua University Recruiting group. Whether students are more concerned about the candidate enterprises to provide housing, rental costs. Today 9:30, the reporter went to the second teaching building, Tsinghua University, Chengdu, including Intel Corporation, Hisense refrigerators, Chengdu University, Sichuan University, carrying a total of more than 640 units participated in the on-site recruitment shortage of jobs. This is the second in April of this year, the Chengdu to Beijing at the second high-level talents in short supply much-needed focus on recruitment activities. Reporter on the scene saw a large number of recruitment activities to attract from Tsinghua University, Peking University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other key institutions graduates three or four hundred people, all students must be job recruiters in the field with simple communication, many students in addition to candidates understand the benefits to the recruiter, salary level, but also for the whether to provide housing, rental costs relatively high degree of concern. It is understood that most of the shortage of professionals focused on the machinery manufacturing and electrification, and other professional. Since the introduction of a talent shortage, companies in the recruitment instructions marked on both the level of each position of the shortage, while giving candidates a lot of money out of wages and generous benefits. Many enterprises in the introduction of high-end talent, PhD, clearly marked to provide financial relief, research grants, living subsidies, some of shortage of professional recruitment companies Undergraduates are also given a monthly salary of 5,000 + Bonus treatment. "A month and five thousand, than the work in Chengdu, less the cost of living in Beijing, the pressure will not be so big." One candidate said.