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Heilongjiang Province a large-scale job fairs held 1.2 million jobs empty sea
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27 morning, the province's employment and enterprise college students employment information Matchmaking Symposium held in Harbin. Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, Harbin Electrical Machinery Plant and other enterprises with more than 100 in the province of 1.2 million jobs, the province with 100 ordinary high science and engineering Schools, vocational colleges, technical schools, colleges and technicians for docking, which is the first time in our province in recent years, the school held a large-scale enterprise matchmaking talent supply and demand. Reporters at the scene saw the peaceful village of matchmaking, the venue full of people, the province of colleges and SMEs to promote their respective sides of panels placed in the hall, job thirst for college students in the exhibition hall remember Recorded in the employment information of the enterprise. Xu Jie Heilongjiang Institute of Automation Technology students will graduate next year, he has received four enterprises of the "invitation", he hopes the matchmaking company with more employment contacts, preferred choice. "As a province the equipment manufacturing industry, the demand for skilled workers in our province have been increasing." Provincial committee responsible to the public letter to reporters, the demand for accounting technicians in this position for 40% of matchmaking. The official also told this reporter With the gradual improvement in the economic environment in our province, some family businesses in the process of growing naturally grown produce on the demand for professional managers of family enterprises to introduce an external professional manager is becoming a trend . Reporters on the scene also found that some students hope that "at home employment", Northeast Agricultural University, a student of biotechnology expertise, "said CV to vote all over the province, but still want to find a job near home." As with the student, will field a considerable number of students expressed the hope that at home, or city of employment, as the location is too far, treatment with low company, not a last resort will not be considered. Business Technology Institute of Heilongjiang, Heilongjiang Vocational College of Information Technology and three other colleges, respectively, with the Harbin Guangyu Power Co., Ltd. and Harbin First Machinery Manufacture Group Co., Ltd. and other six companies Schools and enterprises in the field signed a letter of intent. Learned that the Matchmaking Symposium on, providing a total of more than 100 enterprises in the province of 1.2 million jobs, a total of 100 college graduates in the information released 13 million. Recruitment needs from the point of view, equipment manufacturing, pharmaceutical, food enterprises have become the people Before the main recruitment, recruitment accounted for its recruitment job 60% of the total. Recruitment companies are also more pragmatic, relaxed threshold Tai secondary education. The Matchmaking Symposium provincial Industry and Information Technology Commission, the provincial Department of Education, the Provincial Office of Human Resources and Social Security, co-sponsored. CAPE organizers also Chinese SMEs through online recruitment channel Heilongjiang, free enterprise, College graduates publish, query recruitment employment information, supply and demand sides docking and other services.