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Say please when interview " standard " mandarin
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After the reporter interviewed controller of company of several invite applications for a job randomly, discover, major company is right to apply for a job person language standard has potential demand. Invite applications for a job just expresses generally, if to apply for a job person have dense accent of one's native place, won't consider commonly. Service of sale, client, chair, the of all kinds position of support of formal, public relations, technology and public service line of business, the demand of antonym character is higher, mention expressly in requirement of post of director of Holand bank conduct financial transactions for instance need to master ” of “ standard mandarin. Although be done not have on help wanted mostly,point out this requirement clearly, but in interview process, fluent standard mandarin is to enter the basic doorsill of travel. Company invite applications for a job just expresses, at present to apply for a job person the value that everybody knows spoken English capacity, can ignore the value of mother tongue mostly. Say a level actually and fluent mandarin, can give official of invite applications for a job good the first impression, show the professional quality with fine oneself. In addition, this also is ability of professional person thinking, self-confident heart and the reflecting of communication ability.

The person that perhaps have to apply for a job objects to the requirement of ” of mandarin of enterprise “ standard, actually, “ mandarin is bad to can affect phenomenon of obtain employment ” to will be highlighted increasingly as the development of socioeconomy. The phase before the reporter is met from “ world rich ” of forum of international of language environment construction understands, carry out to be carried out further " law of character of national universal language " , build better world rich was met 2010 language environment, shanghai plans to establish local code to carry out normative Chinese character and promotion mandarin. Legislation puts forward, the school such as school of technical secondary school, duty, university wants to undertake mandarin to the student groom and check, when the undergraduate graduates, mandarin level should reach 2 grade level.

At the appointed time, no matter be the student of source of student of Shanghai this locality, still be the student of nonlocal source of student, need to attend relevant mandarin to groom reach a test. If short of is corresponding level level, groom through attending self-consciously with respect to need approach a level ceaselessly. In addition, draft the code that roll out to wait for numerous domain to including commerce, travel inside the requirement that communal service industry will raise “ to want to popularize mandarin ” not only, more put forward “ to want to popularize mandarin to check ” . When waiting for legislation to come on stage formally, perhaps not only the certificate of grade of professional need mandarin such as officeholder, teacher, announcer, communal service industry also may be met because of certificate of grade of a piece of mandarin more favour you, the discretion of mandarin level becomes the key that affects obtain employment.
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