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Of interview 8 big " mouth avoid "
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To interview, a lot of people have the error of a kind of such understanding: Interview measures appearance; 2 measure eloquence. I think, outside the special requirement that eliminates special trade, as above two respects are far insufficient. Stress knowledge for instance model unit of choose and employ persons, if also speak to those have appearance and eloquence only and do not have the employee of true competence, that with respect to as good as at buying a vase. Appearance of flatter oneself of the person that there are a lot of years of light to apply for a jobs now and eloquence aptitude are pretty good, think before official of be in charge of an examination can if “ answer sheds ” , can scoop up sufficient “ impression to divide ” . What makings, just is this person the most possible by units of those choose and employ persons that say before me close the door on. The reason is very simple, it is in knowledge those who go up today, unit of choose and employ persons can consider to use this to plant far from explicit and flirtatious immanent without honest person. That is to say, because you are sedulous him ostentation eloquence, did not run good mouth, the result is in be eager to project oneself while exposed the weakness with him dilettante knowledge adequately also, be being returned finally is that ask for a favor by accident yourself. For this, the person with the successful person that the expressional power that must carry an ability to those flatter oneself will win to apply for a job sprinkles bit of cold water, the ” of “ mouth avoid that also points out 8 kinds of following to apply for a job to these people at the same time.

What “ is axial ” with me is bombastic

Those who reach capacity is experience to state to oneself in interview crisp, stop where it should stop, must not resemble resembling perpetual ground is bombastic like gramophone, self-dramatizing, even primary and secondary does not distribute land “ gives priority to ” with me. To apply for a job person should pay attention to honest, concise and comprehensive, cannot wrap greatly pull the ground to make too much verbal commitment greatly, say too much to cause the allergy that takes an examination of an official easily. Take an examination of an official to often ask when interview you on the spot the talent of project oneself, you can try modestly for the moment, but cease should have not started work, that ask for a favor says with respect to earthquake sounds of too impatient to wait this thing is no problem, that thing is very easy. The word of the ill will of big talk having boast closes in field of interview of to apply for a job, must careful piece.

Pretty good, the official of be in charge of an examination of responsible invite applications for a job pays attention to the assessment of pair of your ability very much, but the attitude that he can adopt discretion to you more when interview, meaning in make you sufficient reveal your. At this moment, if you think a ” of Kan of the “ that take an examination of an official is dizzy, drag in all sorts of irrelevant matters, all say the topic of some of irrelevant, boast “ concerns wantonly even net ” , self-satisfied still, others of for fear that does not know, you have how old energy, so official of be in charge of an examination can think your this individual can pull old standard to make tiger skin only certainly, dilettante to extremely, ability also “ does not cross such ” .
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