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The person that the enterprise takes an examination of to apply for a job " teas
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Spot of the person that seek to apply for a job makes up jest, not only oneself can play, can get groups big to play invite applications for a job to just say even, need employee joy works

Can play, meeting jest had become the condition of “ hardware ” that apply for a job. Yesterday, in edifice of talent of Dalian town emancipatory square, the interview title requirement that company of an invite applications for a job raises is: Every applicant spot makes up a jest with respect to environment of invite applications for a job.

This company holds water only two days, it is the branch that Dalian city manages advisory company subordinate, manage entity in order to popularize melt into of chess card article. It is invite applications for a job of this company first time this, what need 3 employee to all belong to concoctive originality kind personnel, exhibit before establish the ” of Qiu Xianbang of 2 meters of or so “ that rise to go up, make following demands to applicant: Imagination is rich, intellectual range is wide, thinking is active, literal capability is strong. In the meantime, these post need working experience, direct will this year's unripe bar outside the door.

“ likes to play, love plays, can organize everybody to play, playing in bring joy to oneself and everybody. Duty of ” reporter in an attempt to person Liu manager has the identity and curator of this company invite applications for a job when negotiating, liu makes afore-mentioned demands to what enrolling personnel quality. The reporter expresses to hope to attend interview, liu director says, this must have wanted 3 to close.

“ you can does the environment of invite applications for a job of the spot make up a little joke today? Do you speak ”“ quickly 10 kinds of action of the brick? How should ”“ sell bonze excuse me? ” lid house, because the reporter also does not list the more utility that gives a brick again,hit …… of table of person, mat, additionally two problems still made blank examine paper, be fallen into disuse to go out directly bureau.

Invite applications for a job just says, although manage strategy to return not figuration, but this company comes down management concept certainly already: “ joy works, working pleasure. ” they think, work happily only, ability finds joy in the job, make the economic benefits of whole company rises ceaselessly then, can increase the enthusiasm that employee works again conversely, drive the development of whole industry. “ we have thinking of sex of disperse the internal heat with sudorifics, moral quality with respect to need the talent with perfect, hopeful disposition. ”

Although in the time of 34 hours, should exhibit had received tens of portion resume. But to apply for a job person people the ability that makes up jest cannot make apparently square satisfaction of invite applications for a job, “ can have ‘ to be able to tease the talent of ’ quality is returned truly not much, partial undergraduate too the great proficiency such as pursuit business side, a human nature is medium most of at least hopeful and open-minded oversight. ”
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