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Not allow to ignore apply for a principle
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Group of relatives and friends: “ is not taken had better ” principle

When applying for interview, round ” of “ relatives and friends still is not taken had better. The kind that must not accompany with ” of “ sweethearts archives or parents goes to apply for a job, such meetings let take an examination of an official to think your dependence is too strong, independent character is too wrong, then generates suspicion to your ability.

Smile: Principle of “ constant ”

Smile should perforative apply for whole process. Applicant took a company, from begin with downstage contact with, might as well show a person with smiling face. After seeing interview official, why to no matter the other side is,plant expression, should smile move and its handclasp, introduce myself. In interview process, also want to notice from beginning to end, do not make countenance too inflexible, should timely maintain a smile. Self introduction: “2 minute principle of beautiful ego ”

A public concern learns a professor to had said a such words, it is “ everybody wants to learn to the peacock, 2 minutes let whole world remember his beautiful ” . Self introduction also is same, want the ability that lets him understanding that take an examination of an official inside short time, strong point only, already sufficient, must not do the folly of ” of “ ruin the effect by adding sth superfluous.

Listen attentively to: Principle of “ sedulous ”

When interview, applicant's look should face up to the other side, timely in the process of the speech that take an examination of an official beck. Because of this since esteem to the other side, also can let the other side feel you have demeanor very much, cordial, air, not stage fright. When trying government-owned introduction company and position case face to face, more should timely give feedback, show you take the content that he says seriously very much, and write down be in the heart.

Respondent: “ ponders over ” principle 5 seconds

Ask about a serious problem when interview official, concern respect of working outstanding achievement especially. Before the answer, should proper halt 5 seconds, put apart thinks the time that take an examination of one paragraph. Such doing, besides can organize the content that wants expression, important is the experience that tells the other side you are recollecting the past seriously, can leave the feeling of authenticity to the other side.

Language: “ says mandarin ” principle

Can say, mandarin is the language pass when to apply for a job; Won't tell mandarin, cannot communicate smoothly with the person, also do not talk to go up obtain the accredit that takes an examination of an official and good opinion. So, if you still if dialect did not change, make great efforts at once learn mandarin, otherwise, to apply for a job may can not move a step.
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