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The spot diagnoses: Disposition rolled out him " bureau "
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In the exam of invite applications for a job that Mcdonald's holds, the car gentleman with strong, seasoned ability passes all the way close behead general, but in last in involving interview, be defeated below blast come, he drops on ” of “ individual character.

Official of invite applications for a job asks: “ if you are done very well, but the boss is dissatisfactory still, how can be you done? ” is general this kind of problem, had better search an account from oneself. The target of the target that perhaps is a boss and individual has abhorrent place, communicate with the boss further only, adjust oneself direction and target, ability achieves bilateral satisfaction. And the position that the disposition of car gentleman urges him to want him expression, he replied at 4 o'clock, one tolerance, 2 communicate, 3 strive for, 4 go person. Here tolerance, strive for, walk along the expression such as the person to be able to let an enterprise decide whether employ your balance tilts to negative direction. Mean dissatisfaction restrainedly, strive for mean ask for, go person more mean part company. Which company is willing to bury below so a thunder?

Go up about promise of “ industry employer below the circumstance that salary forgets possibly however, how can you do? The answer of ” car gentleman is: “ must ask clear ” , promote the issue more than the problem that is salary, the profession that thinks this matters to an individual develops. In the answer working content and individual be fond of appear when the circumstance that if where manages,contradicts, he answers “ I am forced to say to the boss, I am sorry, if must the work that I do me not to like, to the result I am not in charge of. ”

The expert comments on: To apply for a job person enter 5 had closed 6 will enter last segment, their ability should be equal, and what have decision effect in 60 minutes of interview is disposition 2 words. The person is on-the-job, having bright nature is a Shuang Renjian, in expressing the job that matchs with disposition photograph now, can add fuel to the fire, conduce outstanding achievement is behaved; But if disposition and position demand bearing are contrary to, meet fail to build a mound for want of one final basket of earth-fall short of success for lack of a final effort. Arms of saying path “ destroys by force, mu Jiang folds ” , expression sifts pitch on in interview, likely because of make a showy display of one's abilities, at swords' points, disposition is bright and make an enterprise indecisive. Same ability is behaved, same intelligence quotient, some gained the favour of the enterprise, some criterion not regret and return, this is people the “ disposition that often says decides destiny ” .

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