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Strategy of interview of to apply for a job: Can wear appropriately lie fallow k
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The white-collar's figure and formal often represent company image, interview person should notice oneself the appearance appearance problem in interview. Appearance easy, behavior is decent, close with identity conform to of the nonmilitary personnel, leave easy, spell able good impression to personnel of invite applications for a job, it is to apply for a job person the problem that add cent. The key that chooses dress is to see position demand, apply for secret of bank, government sector, article, dress deflection tradition is normal; Apply for public relations, fashionable magazine to wait, can taking mount to add some of popular element appropriately, show oneself to be opposite of fashionable information take ability. Appearance is decorated the most important is clean and neat, not too flaunt individual character, besides apply for advertisement of recreational movie and TV outside this kind of industry, had better not choose too too abrupt dress. To the this year's graduates, a few students dress up be patient of angrily, although interview name look forward to, also can wear lie fallow kind of suit. It looks relative to normal suit, collocation of fabrics, shoe, colorific is spent freely taller.

Wear on the body, the understanding rate that the person all can mirror a to apply for a job that wears on the hand applies position to place. Attend interview, flowery is paid attention to not overly in dress respect luxuriant, the suit that you wear when interview, shirt, trousers, leather shoes, sock shoulds not be person with brand-new splendent feeling, but also should notice neat and easy, cannot dingy, it is beyond the mark to cannot be decorated. No matter be men's clothing or female outfit, want to be paid attention to somewhat to material. The dress that good fabrics can make clipping fit more formfitting, bring out the best in each other. Can give a person accord with an outfit of oneself figure with the efficient, impression that has professional mind, the schoolboy should appear spell able and easy, the schoolgirl should appear grave and decorous.

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