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How does applicant cross disposition test to close opportunely
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“ my interview several stockjobber, professional written examination is finished first-rately, can not pass to close because of disposition test every time, do not have even interview opportunity. I tried different answer, but the result asks to not agree with with disposition of choose and employ persons. In succession frustrates a few times, every sees disposition measures examination paper to resemble nowadays was to have psychogenic disorder, how is knowing good. How should I do? ”

A posts with the response very high rate that the reporter sees on some college BBS are above. Reporter discovery, the to apply for a job that is similar to this kind to check ” failure to bring about by “ disposition is bemused, not only high frequency in the this year's graduates rate happens, a lot of to apply for a job person had encountered, and subject of test of a disposition is done, unsuccessful percentage is very large. Repeatedly the to apply for a job that battle defeats repeatedly person the feeling is pained unceasingly.

What does disposition test measure

In the market that seeks for be more than, nature of enterprise choose and employ persons becomes more essence of life is carried fine anthology, make thereby measure of to apply for a job complications, the by no means an isolated case such as imitate of interview of written examination, number annulus, scene, logistic test, disposition test; And to apply for a job person, must not close behead general nevertheless, danger is as unripe as annulus.

The reporter understands from much home company, the disposition test that the enterprise introduces evaluates a tool, have test of type of personality of model of MBTI wheat family name, professional tendency checks Huo Lande, and the differ and sums up test quantity of industry and post expresses foundation of company of a few evaluation. Company general to apply for a job person after the test inputs computer as a result, can get whether its disposition asks with post the judge of conform to.

A few companies believe the influence that individual disposition matchs to person duty very much, let disposition test serve as the person that choose to apply for a job even the first close. Some knows what the name and description of a thing sheds a company to apply for flow, do disposition to check questionnaire to all applicant namely, questionnaire percent of pass is extremely low, have 10 % left and right sides only commonly, ability of the person that pass obtains resume to examine the opportunity with interview.

To apply for a job person but answer
To apply for a job person tell a reporter, more and more enterprises set the threshold that disposition checks nowadays, especially a few well-known companies. Disposition test subject is multifarious, the person that let to apply for a job is felt do not wear brains.
Some are dispute problems, like “ are excuse me you abound the person of adventurous spirit? Whether do you identify ”“ allow a target to hope to come true as soon as possible, do not amount to a purpose, doesn't of short duration stop? ” is AB a little choose a topic, if you are a teacher,be like “ , you wish to teach: The A, course that pays attention to practice, the curricular ” of B, academic research; “ your him hope is regarded to be: A, doer, ” of inventor of B, genius; You like “ more easily or the tendency which word? A, persuade, b, move ” ; Etc. The options of a lot of titles has the branch that commend, some are neuter vocabularies, the experience of the person that the basis succeeds, not be to choose commendatory vocabulary to be able to be passed smoothly entirely, often chose word of a few derogatory sense to be able to pass an exam instead.
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