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Information of yellow hill talent the 20th period
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Information of yellow hill talent

Always the 20th period

Qualified personnel of yellow hill city communicates a center to make up an address: Road of yellow Shandong of area of brook of collect of yellow hill city 93

Net of talent of yellow hill human affairs: Http://www.hsrs.gov.cn Connect a telephone call: 0559-2353805

Yellow hill city college graduate obtain employment is directive 2008 monograph

[Editor's note] basis " guidance of college graduate obtain employment served service center of qualified personnel of Huang Shan city 2008 plan " , affirmatory 6, 7, 3 8 months are college graduate obtain employment to serve a month. Good to be done further the college graduate this year works with respect to guidance of course of study, we give special issue of guidance of obtain employment of graduate of college of print first phase, how to basically solve the common problem that encounters in to apply for a job to broad graduate introduction, the hope can be to broad graduate in process of to apply for a job help somewhat.
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