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Interpretation of companies listed Huangshan backstage
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Today, the business version of the floodgates to Chinese enterprises, especially SMEs bring new opportunities, how to successfully promote the business listed company? This issue, "China Joint Business News" reporter interviewed the president of Capital Group Huangshan wealth index.

"China Joint Business Daily": a business if you do your packing, you will start from what?

Huangshan: First, start from the financial indicators, it is the core profitability. No matter how innovative a business, they do not make money, can not bring benefits to investors, how I would recommend this company to investors it? Second, we see that he can continue to profit. Ensure the future can make money, investors invest in a business, ultimately need a good return.

"China Joint Business Daily": how to examine the company's future profitability?

Huangshan: To ensure that the future make more money, need to examine all aspects: whether the technology is advanced and innovative business model is, whether access to a certain threshold, the management team is not united, there are certain management skills and management level. In addition, the project has a big future if the market is also very important to make a product, and then high-tech, there is no market demand, is useless.

"China Joint Business Daily": The pre-IPO companies for which to prepare?

Huangshan: We now look at some companies, it is a good basic material, like a piece of rough diamonds before entering, but the shapeless, investors failing to appreciate, especially the work of many CFO's are not in place, the current Chief Financial Officer need to do a lot more macro aspects of something.

But according to the present national conditions, often we need to act these roles. The task we generally referred to as "financial adviser" is entering the enterprise from a financial point of view to help make a comb, from the commercial operation of the model, the product structure, ownership structure, and even the adjustment of executives, business recruitment, and the future direction of the market, etc., will help him to control.

For instance, we took a steel mill, we will go to judge the future of ore, coal and other major trends in raw materials prices, the trend of steel prices lower compression when we give what it recommended stocks, prices rise when we will suggest some of its hoard steel.

"China Joint Business Daily": What do you think a listing of what kind of commitment before the CFO role, needs to what level?

Huangshan: In China, the top financial officer really not much to do the majority still remains in the accounts, tax evasion, this is not called Chief Financial Officer, Chief Financial Officer give the company a truly a better income, from the perspective of Corporate Finance start. Chief Financial Officer keep up good relations with banks, enterprises will give me money when the bank loans, more money when you can put money in a place to financial management. When the board decided to do a new project, the financial director of a financial model to conduct the analysis, feasible to be behind, is not feasible to veto.

"China Joint Business Daily": whether the problem also involves the risk control?

Huangshan: for example an investment of 12 million corporate executives to do an advertising agency compensation, which is closely related with the financial controller. Before making this decision because, Finance Director should do a basic market research, and tell executives, advertising agencies about sub-types, what kind of money now, we type in which this is inside.

Then, the specific preparation of the financial director of advertising need to find the person in charge about, and understand what kind of profit model, and to do related research. If the pattern inputs and outputs out of proportion to the full and timely data to executives holding response, this can not do.

"China Joint Business Daily": about listed companies, when in the road show, CFO take a very important role. CFO in dealing with major investment bank in the process, what do you think the CFO should work?

Huangshan: use his expertise to prove to investors see the future is to make money. In fact, there are many listed companies, investor relations and bad for two main reasons, one Deputy General Manager, and the other may be the CFO. In general, the Deputy General Manager and CFO are important, in the question can even be said, CFO than the Deputy General Manager will play a bigger role.