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Recruitment of private enterprises in Anhui Province in 2010 Summary Week
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According to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Ministry of Education, the National Federation of Trade Unions, the National Federation on the hosting of the 2010 National Week of private enterprises to recruit the notification requirement, Anhui Province, the Office of Human Resources and Social Security, Provincial Department of Education, the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, the provincial Industry and Commerce (hereinafter referred to as the four departments) unified plan, the province linkage, successfully held a "bridge for the employment of college graduates, recruitment services for private enterprises" as the theme of "Private Enterprise Recruitment Week 2010" activities. Vigorously promoted the university graduates, migrant workers, unemployed workers face unemployment and employment and reemployment, to promote the employment and reemployment policies implemented.

First, the basic situation

During the event week, Anhui Province is the Office of Human Resources and Social Security Market under the provincial and municipal personnel (human resources market) as the main body, and other Departments to assist the talent market, unified to carry out joint on-site job fairs across the province to solicit jobs "Thousands Kong enterprises million into the campus" policy advisory services, comprehensive series of activities, "as the bridge employment of college graduates, recruitment services for private enterprises", and achieved fruitful results. According to statistics, a total of 4,014 enterprises of all types to participate in the recruitment week activities, including private enterprises to reach 3185, providing 84,039 jobs, all kinds, including college graduates for positions 27,175, 29,521 people signed the employment intentions, of which 9238 were college graduates, migrant workers 8766 people, 6254 people unemployed. 4434 people signed the intention of vocational skills training (including training by enterprises number). Job seekers for the 6905 rights and legal aid. Types of policies issued 21 million copies of publicity materials.

Second, the main approach

(A) strengthen the organization and leadership, to develop a unified program. The private enterprises to recruit Week is "concerned about livelihood, promote employment" policy, the specific implementation, the four department heads attached great importance to inter-departmental co-operation, held a special meeting of private enterprises to recruit weeks, a clear division of labor, assigning liaison officers, the establishment will commercial system to identify human resources and Social Security Department, led the work of other departments fully cooperate with the structure and realities of the province developed a unified work program of weekly activities, sign and to electricity for the first time issued "on the hosting of the 2010 Week of private enterprises to recruit the province's notice. " Through careful organization and arrangements, in close cooperation to ensure that the recruitment of private enterprises in Anhui Province week of activities carried out smoothly.

(B) expansion of propaganda to create a social atmosphere. In order to expand the impact of activities to create a good atmosphere for public opinion, the provincial Office of Human Resources and Social Security full use of television, newspapers, radio, Internet and other media widely publicized the activities of the whole society, to create a good social atmosphere, to encourage and attract the class enterprises, especially private enterprises to participate in this event, also organized media late recruitment into the site, on private enterprise and job seekers in-depth interviews to understand the activities, results, seek advice services, this event was a good social repercussions.

(C) strengthening the close cooperation, the province's vertical and horizontal linkage. Week activities to improve service effectiveness, Anhui Province set at 5 月 22 日 (Sat), the province linked to provincial and municipal talent market (the human resources market) as the main body of the other three Departments to assist the human resources market, carry out a unified "2010 private enterprises to recruit Week site recruitment," the talent market in Anhui Province as the main venue of Anhui province, cities located at the venue.

Four person related to the leadership department, inspected the main venue. The main venue of the day a total of 86 corporate participants, providing more than 2,500 jobs, attract Anhui, Jiangxi, Dalian, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Wuhan and other places of private business participants, the scene more than 1,800 candidates.

(D) for policy advocacy, implementation of the follow-up. Take full advantage of this opportunity to recruit Week, Hefei, Anhui Province, Ma On Shan, Suzhou, Huaibei, Chuzhou, Luan and other cities to re-employment promotion and recruitment policy will work closely together, will be set up at the recruitment policy advice Xuanchuan point, Kaizhan employment (entrepreneurship), social security policy advice, career guidance, skills training, employment, information dissemination, legal protection of rights and a series of policy advisory services. Huangshan City, led by the Human Resources and Social Council, organizational finance, industry and commerce, taxation and other departments of more than 20 experts, to the streets, into the universities, to workers, graduates are most concerned about social security subsidies, subsidies for vocational training, entrepreneurship training, small the amount of guaranteed loans, to give advice to support policy solutions, on-site registration accepted, registration, and the relevant procedures of the personnel to do follow-up services to ensure all policies and measures put in place.

Third, the event highlights

(A) of the thousands of enterprises million into the university post. Use and community sectors to develop people to their respective advantages and education sectors, by the east wind of this event, the employment of college graduates trying to establish a new channel, new way. In the "services of private enterprises to maximize the greatest possible help for the employment of college graduates," the purpose, with the publicity of the event, relying on municipal human resources services to collect the maximum extent possible, to solicit for employment of college graduates positions, planning organizations, 1,000 businesses, 10,000 jobs for college graduates into the campus. Aggregate information, the Department of Education issued by the province's provincial colleges and universities, graduates of the university organization application. The first eight municipalities soliciting the employment of college graduates for positions 11126, second position information is summarized in the report. The consolidation of information will be sent to the province of the universities, and targeted follow-up services.

(B) "to send three" into the campus. Held "to send the policy to send posts delivery service" special recruitment Chaohu College. Activities by the provincial Office of Human Resources and Social Security hosted the provincial education department in collaboration with specific contractor personnel market in Anhui Province. Office of Human Resources and Social Employment Office is responsible for the employment situation, employment policy to do thematic interpretation, on-site knowledge of employment issued more than 1,500 copies of promotional materials, provincial talent market and the talent market, Chaohu City has also organized 46 home-person unit, to provide an effective number of posts is 1342, admitted more than 2,000 jobs in 1539 were graduates resume is investment, employment reached a preliminary intention 560. Sun City Talent Service Center, Personnel Service Center in Anqing City services during the week also launched a special employment service activities into the campus.

Later, the four departments in Anhui Province will post information collection released municipalities, recruitment results, summarize and report such cases reported, a comprehensive appraisal of the effectiveness of the units outstanding to be informed of praise.