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Huangshan City, Anhui Province, private enterprises in 2010, achieved remarkable
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Huangshan City, conscientiously implement the "hold on the province's private enterprises to recruit the 2010 Notice of the Week" (Anhui electricity for Human Resources and Social 〔2010〕 61) unified plan, carefully organized and implemented the recruitment week activities of private enterprises has made remarkable results. According to statistics, in the May 20 to 26 jobs during the week: the city's 149 private enterprises were organized to provide 6,272 jobs, which provides college graduates Post 2510; signed employment intentions in 1598, including 225 college graduates , 593 migrant workers, unemployed 780 people; intention to enter into vocational training 920, 207 to provide rights and legal assistance to people, policies issued 10,600 copies of promotional materials. Organizations to carry out 210 college graduates start training.

Main practices:

First, attach great importance to the leadership in advance of planning and organizing. Employment Bureau of Huangshan City in April that the private enterprises listed on the agenda Week, the Council personally take the main leadership to convene special meetings of private enterprise recruitment week, the organization backbone research program to determine the person responsible for this work, combined with the actual development of the city docking into the campus colleges and enterprises, employment services into the campus, business services into the campus, and launched a series of recruitment activities in the program, and be widely publicized to ensure that private enterprises to recruit Week smooth implementation of the measures. Anhui electricity for people in the community document 〔2010〕 61, issued immediately after the ministries and agencies to carry out the activities of private enterprises in hiring practices and work requirements week quickly communicated to the districts and counties, and require the work of local conditions to develop specific measures to ensure the recruitment of the Week effectiveness.

Second, a clear service focus, and promote docking of supply and demand. Private enterprises this year, the recruitment of Huangshan City Week, the workers were clear to college graduates, rural workers, and employment difficulties as the main target, which has been particularly the focus of college graduates as a service; in private enterprises, mainly to labor standards in the community have a certain reputation and credibility of the private enterprises, including in particular the Huangshan economic development zone, industrial parks, investment companies included in the key service targets. City Employment Service in the Yu Garden in the central city of large private enterprises to carry out recruitment activities, organization of 81 private enterprises, providing 3,000 jobs; together Huangshan College, organized more than 50 private companies, into the college activities, the implementation of post 1000, and in activities set up dedicated display area businesses, the provincial deputy director of the Employment Bureau HUAZHONG Yang Lin, director of employment agencies and other leading comrades went to the site to be guidance. Through the organization of the majority of job seekers, college graduates and enterprises to carry out docking distance, mutual understanding of career requirements, job requirements, further promote the corporate image and expand their enterprises to improve recruitment effectiveness.

Third is to strengthen the policy advocacy, implementation of the follow-up. Since 2009, the introduction of the third round of the employment support policies, to better assist the employment of college graduates as soon as possible, the organization dedicated staff and published the "Guide for College Graduates Employment Service", "entrepreneurship training (SYB) flyer "and other materials to various types of job seekers and college graduates is widely transmitted. City Human Resources and Social Council take the lead, organizing the financial, commercial, taxation and other departments of more than 20 experts, to the streets, into the university, has held many activities, employment and entrepreneurship support policy advice to workers, graduates are most concerned about social security subsidies, subsidies for vocational training, entrepreneurship training, small loans and other support policies to give advice to answer, on-site registration accepted, registration, and the relevant procedures of the personnel to do follow-up services to ensure all policies and measures put in place.

The event presents the main features:

Week of private enterprises to recruit this year, as City Council leaders attached great importance to human society, the work program carefully, service measures have targeted the activities achieved good results, and show the following characteristics.

First, activities of private enterprises to recruit a longer duration. City Employment Service from early May until the end of centralized planning end of the event, the activities of private enterprises to recruit as a global center of weeks of work, and it took a month's time, and enhance the effectiveness of activities.

Second, the enthusiasm of enterprises to participate in activities, increased significantly. Initiative and enterprise as the docking site to increase propaganda activities of private enterprises to actively participate in this activity significantly increased, mostly in the city with a certain scale and influence of private enterprises, providing jobs increased by 12% than last year .

Third, the activities of rich content, large scale social good. Compared with the past, this year's event will not only stay in the organized recruitment level. Private enterprises to conduct massive joint city into universities, entrepreneurship training into the college activities, organization of private enterprises show consultation, employment (entrepreneurship) to support policy advice and other activities, highlighting the good and the labor supply and demand of private enterprises docking services. Through activities, the active choice of employment in private enterprises, more and more common for the majority of workers have been accepted and recognized, private enterprises have become an important channel for creating jobs the city.

Next, Huangshan City will continue to do private business and employment services to support the implementation of policies related to such work, employment services continue to improve and perfect the long-term mechanism, good to focus on the types of college graduates job search for workers services.