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School of English of inhaling county small nova
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This unit has not offer relevant data to check, risk of to apply for a job of avoid of the person that ask office. (Complain)
What belong to an industry: Escape? of Pu Xinghe of ⒖ of idle of  ⑴ Piao registers fund: 10 RMB
Company property: Number of employee of? of the large bamboo hat that receive  : 50 people are the following
Be in an area: Not inn dregses of rice? establishs date: 2006-1-1
A school of run by the local people, in developing

Contact means:

Hlyong1983@163.com of contact introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad email
Connect a telephone call 13955995387 faxes number
Enterprise website Http://
Communication address yellow hill

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