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English teacher
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Position number: JOB000020594 record of formal schooling asks: Above of three-year institution of higher learning
Number of invite applications for a job: Experience of 3 people work: Do not be restricted
Working area: Sexual distinction of Anhui yellow hill asks: Do not be restricted
Issue date: 2008-6-11 age asks: Do not be restricted
Deadline of invite applications for a job: 2008-7-11 salary standard: The face is discussed
Interview notice:
Need to take original of good Id original, record of formal schooling, diploma

Position requirement:
Teacher of English of invite applications for a job of school of English of inhaling county small nova
One, requirement
1, record of formal schooling of above of English major, three-year institution of higher learning, age 18-25 year old. Speech, dialect is sterling and pure, beautiful sign is first. 2, can be engaged in English for a long time teaching the job, have the stronger mind that respect property, have responsibility heart of height and career feeling. 3, have certain painterly ability, can performance of dance of song be apt to, meeting, atmosphere of can very good adjusting control classroom, have literary strong point first consideration. 4, have deep love for education, like children, have love, can become the intimate of children. 5, assiduous, assiduous, be good at summing up experience, can learn from others's strong points to offset his weakness, rich is collected numerous long, successive innovation.
2, pay: Probation 3 months: The?500~800 that lead bastinado yuan become a full member execute structural wages: Throat?00~1600 yuan, work one year above year income 18000 yuan of above. Have the opportunity that attend in a advanced studies grooms every year.

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