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The member that the mobile phone is sold
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[workplace] : Huang Shan [monthly pay] : The face is discussed
[sexual distinction asks] : Female [record of formal schooling asks] : High school reachs above
[professional requirement] : Do not be restricted [foreign language language] : Do not be restricted
[seat of registered permanent residence] : Huang Shan [at present seat] : Do not be restricted
[means of invite applications for a job] : Full-time [position category] : The sale is in charge of / delegate
[working experience] : A year of above [the age asks] : 20 -34 year old
[issue date] : 2008-9-6 10:40:17

Environment of · post duty, work reachs welfare pay:
Basically be sale mobile phone, detail face is discussed

Experience and skill ask related · :
Record of formal schooling of high water above, the person that have experience of sale mobile phone is preferential

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