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Office article secret
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Company name: Type of invite applications for a job of limited company of knitting of peak of Huang Shan Sheng: Full-time
Position of invite applications for a job: Period of efficacy of office article secret: This information still has 30 days from the end
Professional requirement: Article secret sexual distinction asks: Female
Number of invite applications for a job: 1 age asks: 20-25
Requirement of record of formal schooling: Above of three-year institution of higher learning registers time: 2008-9-25 9:05:02
Monthly pay pay: The face is discussed - yuan
Workplace: Yellow hill city
Information remarks: Record of formal schooling of above of requirement three-year institution of higher learning, height 1 meter of 60 above, work sedate, serious, obedient job is arranged.
Contact: Make a manager connect a telephone call: 05592552160
Connect a telephone call 2: 0559-2552168
Information of company of this invite applications for a job introduces
Company name: Property of company of limited company of knitting of peak of Huang Shan Sheng: Enterprise
Company homepage: Http://www.shengfengsocks.cn/ E-mail:
Establish date: 2007- - zip code: 245000
Connect a telephone call: 0559255216005592552168
Company location: Developing zone of economy of yellow hill city badge smooth road 123
Company brief introduction: Group of Zhejiang Sheng peak invested build in Huang Shan 2007 one covers an area of an area nearly 300 mus industry garden, with hose line of business production, sale, commerce holds a variety of industries concurrently to manage for main body, it is the civilian battalion company with the at present biggest dimensions of new the city zone of yellow hill city, limited company of knitting of peak of Sheng of subordinate branch Huang Shan already threw production now.

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